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Zion Orphanage

Zion Orphanage: A Fair Chance for Every Child

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Founded in 1899, Zion orphanage is the world’s oldest Jewish orphanage. It’s based in the heart of Jerusalem and houses children, families, and even an entire school! After more than a century of caring for boys in crisis, the orphanage has perfected its care plan. Its varied activities and unique set up ensure that every […]


Carmei HaIr: Welfare with Dignity in Jerusalem

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Introduction to Carmei HaIr   Look through the sprawling chaos of Jerusalem’s Machane Yehuda market and you’ll find one of Jerusalem’s most important charities. Carmei HaIr may seem at odds with its bustling surroundings, but its work helps thousands of the city’s neediest people live with dignity.   Carmei HaIr’s philosophy is simple: no-one wants […]