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What is the Heart of Israel?
The Heart of Israel is a collective charitable fund. We work with more than 40 organisations across every sector of Israeli society including Alzheimer’s and elderly care, welfare centres, clinics and care for physical and disabilities, and education and training groups. Together, these extraordinary charities support more than 1.5 million people across the country.

We’re based in centre of Jerusalem, and are proud to offer corporate events, speakers, and volunteering opportunities for our investors and benefactors so that you can stay involved and meet the incredible people behind our inspiring charities.

Why Support the Heart of Israel?
We are more than a charity. We are inspiring a movement of collective giving, support for Israel, and social change. We don’t want to just give money to Israeli organisations: we want to show the world the reach and beauty of Israel’s humanitarianism, share the country’s story, and showcase the people and groups dedicate to creating change in Israel and beyond.

Our collective fund means that when you donate to The Heart of Israel, you know that your gift is going further and impacting more people than a donation to a single charity ever could. You also rest assured that 100% of your donation goes to the deserving organisations who need it.

Join the Heart of Israel
When you join the Heart of Israel, you are connecting with a global community of people who believe in the incredible power of Israel’s humanitarian spirit. Do something big for Israel and impact more than one million people by donating a heart today!

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