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The Heart Of Israel Fund is a global collective fund supporting over 1.5 million people in Israel across all ages and sectors. The fund creates the opportunity to collectively give and change lives for millions of people and at the same time inspires and motivates our investors by highlighting the amazing humanitarian spirit and kindness that is the Heart of Israel

By investing in a Heart you will be connected personally to the fund and receive regular video content and updates highlighting the impact your investment has made. As a Heart investor you will be entitled to receive an inspiring presentation and hands on experience together with a social volunteering tour when you are in Israel.

We believe that as well as becoming part of a global campaign and being inspired - investing in a Heart for $3240 gives you the ability to save and change lives on a daily basis offering a return on investment like no other.

Join the Heart of Israel Fund - together giving LIFE and be part of a future that promotes collective giving and the belief that we are One People One Fund One Cause

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