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Zion Orphanage

Zion Orphanage: A Fair Chance for Every Child

DATE : July 17, 2018 AUTHOR : COMMENTS : No Comments

Founded in 1899, Zion orphanage is the world’s oldest Jewish orphanage. It’s based in the heart of Jerusalem and houses children, families, and even an entire school! After more than a century of caring for boys in crisis, the orphanage has perfected its care plan. Its varied activities and unique set up ensure that every […]


Carmei HaIr: Welfare with Dignity in Jerusalem

DATE : July 15, 2018 AUTHOR : COMMENTS : No Comments

Introduction to Carmei HaIr   Look through the sprawling chaos of Jerusalem’s Machane Yehuda market and you’ll find one of Jerusalem’s most important charities. Carmei HaIr may seem at odds with its bustling surroundings, but its work helps thousands of the city’s neediest people live with dignity.   Carmei HaIr’s philosophy is simple: no-one wants […]

Krembo Wings

Krembo Wings: Israel’s Inclusive Youth Movement

DATE : July 8, 2018 AUTHOR : COMMENTS : No Comments

What is Krembo Wings?   Established in 2002, Krembo Wings is the only charity of its type in the world! It’s a unique and inclusive youth movement designed for children and youth with disabilities. With more than 60 branches across Israel, they offer an empowering way for disabled kids to integrate with able-bodied peers.   […]

Ezer Mizion

Ezer Mizion: Health Support Across Israel

DATE : July 1, 2018 AUTHOR : COMMENTS : No Comments

Introducing Ezer Mizion   Founded in 1979, Ezer Mizion is the biggest health support service in Israel. With more than 16,000 volunteers, it’s also one of the country’s biggest volunteer organisations!   Ezer Mizion aims to help any person who might need more medical help than a hospital can provide, with a special focus on […]


Tene Briut: Health Services for Ethiopian Immigrants

DATE : June 20, 2018 AUTHOR : COMMENTS : No Comments

Background: Ethiopians in Israel   In the last week of 2017, 72 new Ethiopian immigrants landed in Tel Aviv. They joined approximately 145,000 other Beta Israel Jews in Israel’s Ethiopian community, which has been growing since Operation Moses in 1984.   There are still Jews left in Ethiopia. However, the Israeli government invests time and […]


Misholim: Creative Therapy in Jerusalem

DATE : June 4, 2018 AUTHOR : COMMENTS : No Comments

Introducing Misholim – Expressive and Arts Therapies   We’re excited to introduce Misholim, one of the amazing charities in the Heart of Israel fund! Watch the video below to learn more about the charity and the incredible work they do:     To sum up…   Founded in 1981, Misholim is the Jerusalem Expressive Therapy […]

IDF, Heart of Israel, Israeli soldiers

IDF and Heart of Israel: Supporting Israeli Soldiers

DATE : May 23, 2018 AUTHOR : COMMENTS : No Comments

In the last few weeks, we’ve celebrate some of the Jewish calendar’s biggest events. Yom HaZikaron, Yom HaAtzmaut, and Yom Yerushalayim all fall during the Omer.   These three modern holidays have several things in common. As opposed to every other holiday and fast, Rabbis added all three to the calendar in the last 70 […]

Yad Sarah, Israel, Israeli Charity

Yad Sarah: Kindness Saves Economy Millions!

DATE : October 23, 2017 AUTHOR : COMMENTS : No Comments

Introducing Yad Sarah   Yad Sarah is Israel’s biggest volunteer organisation, and its kindness helps thousands and saves millions! Watch the video below to learn more:     To sum up…   Yad Sarah is Israel’s biggest volunteer organisation. On top of its 150-strong paid staff, it also has more than 6,000 volunteers! It operates […]

Yad Leyeled hameyuchad, special in uniform, idf, israeli soldiers

Yad LeYeled HaMeyuchad: Meet the Special in Uniform Recruits

DATE : October 2, 2017 AUTHOR : COMMENTS : No Comments

Introducing Special in Uniform   Yad Leyeled Hameyuchad is an organisation that helps young Israelis with different physical and mental abilities integrate into society. The Special in Uniform program helps these amazing young people serve in the IDF. Watch the video below to find out more!     To sum up…   Yad Leyeled Hameyuchad […]