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Innovation: Africa, Israel, Israeli Charities

Innovation: Africa – Lighting Up Africa!

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Introducing Innovation: Africa   One woman’s idea is bringing life-changing technology to some of the poorest people in the world. Innovation: Africa is changing lives across the world! Watch the video here:     To sum up…   Native Israeli Sivan Yaari-Borowich spent some time working in Africa. She witnessed the extreme poverty that exists […]

Yad Leyeled hameyuchad, special in uniform, idf, israeli soldiers

Yad LeYeled HaMeyuchad: Meet the Special in Uniform Recruits

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Introducing Special in Uniform   Yad Leyeled Hameyuchad is an organisation that helps young Israelis with different physical and mental abilities integrate into society. The Special in Uniform program helps these amazing young people serve in the IDF. Watch the video below to find out more!     To sum up…   Yad Leyeled Hameyuchad […]

Central Mexico Earthquake, IDF, international aid

IDF Helps After Central Mexico Earthquake September 2017 - Video

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Israel Sends Aid After Central Mexico Earthquake   Israel sent international aid to Mexico after a huge earthquake rocked the capital. The IDF arrived to help local rescue teams after hundreds of people died. Watch the video below:     To sum up…   On 19th September 2017, an earthquake tore through Central Mexico. Its […]

heart of israel, wedding

Watch the Heart of Israel in Action: Wedding Day Saved!

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The Heart of Israel Epitomised: Strangers Save a Wedding ♥️   When a young couple started their wedding, none of the guests showed up! One Facebook post later, and the heart of Israel – its amazing humanitarian spirit – saved the day. Watch the video below:     To sum up…   Annette and Lior Solomon […]

ReWalk, Claire Lomus,

ReWalk: Israeli Tech Helping People Walk Again - Video

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Introducing ReWalk   Introducing a groundbreaking invention that gives paraplegics the chance to walk again. Designed in Yokneam, central Israel, by engineer Amit Goffer, ReWalk is a powered exoskeleton that allows disabled people to sit, stand, walk, turn, and even climb up stairs!   The system is made up of two parts. The battery-powered legs […]

Motti Zelikovitch, Melabev

Melabev, Elderly and Dementia Care in Israel

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Introducing Melabev! Melabev is Israel’s leading provider in elderly care. They specialise in care for patients with dementia and Alzheimer’s disease. Their services range from caring for lonely but healthy people without family of their own to palliative care for patients in their last days.   Melabev do more than care for dementia patients. They […]