About Us: Heart of Israel’s Mission ǀ The Heart of Israel

Based in the centre of Jerusalem, the Heart of Israel is a collective charitable fund. We work with 40+ organisations from every sector of Israeli society, which together support 1.5 million people. Join us and connect with Israel’s humanitarian spirit: discover the Heart of Israel.

Mission Statement:

To be more than a charity. We will go beyond politics and religion to inspire a movement of collective giving, support for Israel, and social change.


Our charities work tirelessly to change, shape, and save lives across Israel. We will work tirelessly to raise the funds they need to change the world.


We will engage with people all over the world to promote the story of Israel’s humanitarian spirit. We will educate people about Israel and introduce you to the inspiring people dedicated to creating change in Israel and beyond.

Collective Giving

The Heart of Israel is a fund with a difference. We’re excited to offer a new way to give.


There are more than 45,000 registered charities and not-for-profits in Israel, all of which work relentlessly to make life better for people in need. The Heart of Israel’s collective giving fund means your gift will go further and help more people than a donation to a single charity.


Your donation will be pooled together with thousands of contributions from across the world, and the total will be divided between the 40 deserving charities in our fund. Collective giving means your one donation will make a big impact, helping to support more than 1.5 million Israelis.

One People.
One Fund.
One Cause.









Supporting Israel

From antique golden walls and ancient religious traditions to bustling modern cities and cutting-edge scientific advances, Israel is truly remarkable. The start-up nation is also the pop-up nation: Tel Aviv’s sky-scraping metropolis and the country’s highly developed infrastructure have all appeared in just 70 years!


However, Israel’s rapid progress has inevitably left many behind, with an estimated 21% of the country’s citizenry – including close to 1,000,000 children – living in poverty. Additionally, Israel’s high immigration rates mean that the country has a diverse population with a wide range of needs. By working with a variety of charities, we hope to support a broad spectrum of Israelis and help create one united nation.


Social Change

We want the world to see the humanity, kindness, and spirit that drives our fund and fuels our movement. We will turn your $18 donation into part of Israel’s inspiring humanitarian story.


We believe in social responsibility, and we believe in giving back. That’s why we want to do more than coordinate donations: in exchange for your generosity, we’ll send you updates to show you where your money is going and who it’s helping. We’ll also arrange social tours, provide volunteering opportunities with our charities, and schedule speakers and workshops for your events.


We want you to be proud of the impact your donation is making, and to inspire your family, friends, and community to join you and connect with the Heart of Israel.