Israeli Scientist Dr Kira Radinsky Joins UN Panel

This weekend, the UN panel for digital security and cooperation named Israeli Scientist Dr Kira Radinsky as their newest member. Co-chaired by both e-commerce billionaire Jack Ma and Melinda Gates, the high-level committee will work to ensure a “safe and inclusive” digital future.


Israel’s Ambassador to the UN, Danny Danon, stated that we “are proud that a ground-breaking and pioneering scientist will represent Israeli at this important forum.” He continued: “Radinsky is at the forefront of global technology and has made exceptional achievements. We’re confident that she will contribute greatly to the panel’s activities and to the promotion of international cooperation in technology.”



By all accounts, this eminent scientist sounds very impressive. But who is Dr Radinsky?


Dr Kira Radinsky – Biography


Ukrainian-born Radinsky moved to Israel aged four. From a young age, she displayed both a remarkable intelligence and an extraordinary aptitude for science. These exceptional gifts saw her start her first degree at Haifa’s Technion at just 15 years old. Kira Radinsky earned her PhD in computer sciences aged just 26.


While she currently works as Ebay Israel’s chief data scientist and lectures at the Technion, Radinsky’s passion is predictions. Among her multiple patents, she holds one for an incredible piece of software she developed. Some learn from the past to help shape the future; Radinsky analyses the past to predict it.


The software trawls the internet for information about past events. It both looks for patterns that occurred around the time of known calamities (like war, disease, and death), and compares those findings to current conditions. The software then uses this analysis to predict future events, sometimes with life-saving consequences.


Watch Dr Radinsky’s TED talk below to learn more about this technology and her fascination with the future:





Kira Radinsky

Dr Radinksy (source:

An outstanding scientist by anyone’s definition, Dr Radinsky features on multiple published lists of people to watch out for. She is also the recipient of multiple awards, ranging from Technion prizes to a Google Grant and Facebook Fellowship. Her publications appear in highly regarded scientific journals as well as conference papers, and her talks are always well received.


Dr Radinsky’s supervisor at the Technion, Professor Shaul Markovitch, sings the scientist’s praises: “Kira is a brilliant researcher gifted with a unique set of skills… She possesses intense intellect, creativity, and curiosity – a rare combination typical of outstanding inventors.”


When she’s not working, Dr Radinsky is a determined athlete and travel lover. She holds a black belt in karate and has also competed in national competitions, wining bronze. Kira also plays tennis, dances salsa, and enjoys running on the beach. She is married to Sagie, a high-tech entrepreneur who also writes and sculpts and has dreams as big as her own.


Dr Kira Radinsky is a truly remarkable scientist, committed to making the world a better, safer place. And at just 32 years old, who knows what else this highly accomplished woman might achieve?


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