Carmei HaIr: Welfare with Dignity in Jerusalem

Introduction to Carmei HaIr


Look through the sprawling chaos of Jerusalem’s Machane Yehuda market and you’ll find one of Jerusalem’s most important charities. Carmei HaIr may seem at odds with its bustling surroundings, but its work helps thousands of the city’s neediest people live with dignity.


Carmei HaIr

Volunteers at Carmei HaIr’s Restaurant (

Carmei HaIr’s philosophy is simple: no-one wants to be dependent on others or on charity, and everyone deserves to live with dignity. They understand how hard asking for help is, especially for people whose circumstances have recently changed for the worse. That’s why they developed their programs to protect their clients’ dignity at all costs.


The organisation also wants to change how people perceive poverty. They view it as a temporary need and not who a person is. This is especially important in a world that often sees poverty as a result of laziness, apathy, or carelessness.


A beautiful display of the charity’s commitment to dignity is seen in their choice of words. For example, their daily meals are provided in a “restaurant”: not kitchen, not shelter, but restaurant.


Carmei HaIr

Volunteers at Carmei HaIr’s restaurant (

Carmei HaIr’s yearly services include:

  • 350,000 lunches
  • 52,000 breakfasts
  • 7,800 Shabbat packages
  • 3,000 Passover food parcels
  • 2,000 Rosh Hashanah parcels
  • A reduced-pricing clothing store providing new, fashionable clothing for 1,800 families


These services ensure that Jerusalem’s poor have food throughout the day and enough to celebrate the holidays comfortably. As well as providing meals and food packages, Carmei HaIr also send heaters, blankets, and winter coats to families in need.


One of the organisation’s most important programs runs especially for Holocaust survivors. Many of Jerusalem’s elderly survivors live below the poverty line. They also live alone, with no distraction from their painful memories. Carmei Ha’Ir’s communal meals give lonely survivors both the sustenance and company they need.


How Can I Help?


The Heart of Israel is proud to include Carmei HaIr as part of our collective giving fund. Their vital work ensures that hundreds of people in need are fed, clothed, and treated with dignity.


Click here to learn more about Carmei HaIr and to create a bespoke donation.

Or, click here to donate to Carmei HaIr and the Heart of Israel fund. Our collective giving initiative means that every penny we raise is divided between all our charities. This makes your donation go further and help more people than donating to a single charity ever could!