Krembo Wings: Israel’s Inclusive Youth Movement

What is Krembo Wings?


Established in 2002, Krembo Wings is the only charity of its type in the world! It’s a unique and inclusive youth movement designed for children and youth with disabilities. With more than 60 branches across Israel, they offer an empowering way for disabled kids to integrate with able-bodied peers.


Often, children with disabilities are isolated from the rest of the world. Depending on the severity of their mental or physical handicap, they will spend hours – and possibly full days – deprived of the company of other children. Krembo Wings has one goal: to provide a safe, tolerant, and inclusive space where disabled kids get to just be kids.


Watch a short introductory video to Krembo Wings below:



What Do They Do?


Krembo WingsKrembo Wings offers in-branch activities on a weekly basis. They run three hours of fantastic programming which are led by able-bodied youth volunteers and open to any child with any disability. A qualified nurse is always present, and the charity offers adapted transport to make sure no child misses out.


These sessions include activities like sports, crafts, singing, and games designed to develop, challenge, and entertain their kids. More importantly, they also create a special community and safe environment. This healthy atmosphere allows disabled children to make friends, build social skills, and most importantly, have fun.


Beyond their weekly activities, Krembo Wings also runs an inclusive summer camp. It’s not just for their disabled members: the camp offers families a chance to take a real summer holiday together. The whole family is catered for: Krembo Wings members enjoy an amazing range of activities, while their siblings spend time with other kids in similar situation. It’s also a welcome respite for parents who care for their disabled children single-handedly all year round. Watch a video about Krembo Wings’ summer camp below:



Additionally, the charity offers hadracha (leadership) training to able-bodied teens. They send a delegation to Poland – uncovering Holocaust history is a major part of the Israeli school experience, and this trip means that disabled students don’t miss out. The charity also involves its members with local community activities.


Krembo Wings’ Impact


The charity’s motto is “Creating a meaningful place for everyone, together”. Their amazing work demonstrates this perfectly.


Uri, a member of the Be’er Sheva branch, put it beautifully: “At Krembo Wings I can really be myself. I feel that everyone sees me without the wheelchair, without the disability, without the label ‘disabilities’. Over the past three years in which I have been a member at Krembo Wings my life has changed completely. From a very lonely child who was ashamed of being different, I became someone with many friends who is not ashamed of my differences. Today I know that I too have wings, and I can fly.”


How Can I Help?


As a non-governmental organisation, Krembo Wings relies heavily on fundraising. The Heart of Israel is proud to include Krembo Wings as part of our collective giving fund. Their incredible work is changing the lives of more than 5,500 disabled children and youths across Israel.


Click here to learn more about Krembo Wings and to create a bespoke donation.

Or, click here to donate to Krembo Wings and the Heart of Israel. Our collective initiative means that every penny we receive will be divided between all the charities in the fund. This makes your donation go further and help more people than donating to a single charity ever could!