Ezer Mizion: Health Support Across Israel

Introducing Ezer Mizion


Founded in 1979, Ezer Mizion is the biggest health support service in Israel. With more than 16,000 volunteers, it’s also one of the country’s biggest volunteer organisations!


Ezer Mizion aims to help any person who might need more medical help than a hospital can provide, with a special focus on the chronically ill, elderly, and disabled. They are also committed to making healthcare more accessible for Israel’s poorest people. To this end, Ezer Mizion offers a huge range of services operating from 58 centres in 31 cities across Israel. These services include:

  • Food distribution (half a million meals a year!)
  • Ambulances and patient transport
  • Mental health care
  • Medical equipment loans
  • Cancer support
  • Summer camps
  • Medical advocacy
  • Hospital volunteers
  • Oranit Guest House (a campus providing respite for cancer patients and their families)


Altogether, Ezer Mizion has an annual budget of $100,000,000 and impacts more than 670,000 people every year. Its amazing work in Israel helps people from every walk of life fight their hardest battles.


The charity does more than just support the patients themselves: they provide respite and relief for the families of patients too. After all, when a person is ill, their whole family feels the impacts. Ezer Mizion’s programs connect people experiencing the worst in life and offer comprehensive support. Their incredible setup means no-one fighting cancer or any other disease has to fight alone.


The amazing people behind the scenes at Ezer Mizion work tirelessly to give patients the best life possible. When six-year-old bone cancer patient Shachar told them that he dreamed of singing in a recording studio, they made it happen! See Shachar’s dream come true in the video below:



International Jewish Bone Marrow Registry


As well as unparalleled healthcare services, Ezer Mizion also hosts the International Jewish Bone Marrow Registry which opened in 1996. Blood cancers are both very common and very hard to treat. Often, a bone marrow transplant is a patient’s best – or only – hope for recovery. Matches are often found from people in the same ethnic group, so a strong Jewish registry is important for Jewish cancer patients world over.


In 2005, Ezer Mizion and the IDF signed a ground-breaking agreement: all recruits have the chance to swab and join the registry when they join the army. More than 470,000 of the 910,798* people on the registry signed up as IDF recruits. These generous young donors made up 85% of all Ezer Mizion’s transplants in 2017.


Lots of the funds raised by the charity are used to expand the bone marrow registry. As the 6th biggest registry in the world, it made 12,561 donor-patient matches* and facilitated 2,825 transplants*! The charity handles requests from more than 48 countries and is quite literally saving lives across the globe.


Earlier this year, Ezer Mizion launched their #SharedLife campaign. Watch the video below to see the power behind the International Jewish Bone Marrow Registry:



How Can I Help?


Ezer Mizion may be a large-budget organisation, but it relies heavily on generous donations to keep running. The Heart of Israel is proud to count Ezer Mizion as one of the deserving charities in our fund.


Click here to learn more about Ezer Mizion and to create a bespoke donation.

Or, click here to donate to Ezer Mizion and the Heart of Israel. Our collective giving initiative means that every penny we receive is divided between all the charities in the fund. This means your donation will go further and help more people than donating to a single charity ever could!


*at the time of writing – July 2018