Israel Makes Unprecedented Offer to Iran

Breaking News – Israel Offers Water Tech to Iran


Recently, Israel gained notoriety for urging foreign leaders to take a stronger stance against the Iranian regime. Israeli politicians often see Iran and its potential nuclear arsenal as the biggest threat to both Israel and the world. This makes the latest news out of Israel even more amazing…


On Sunday 10th June, Prime Minister Netanyahu announced that Israel will offer water aid to the Iranian people. Some background: Southern Israel is a desert, and Israel is low on natural water resources. The country’s low rainfall means that its primary natural water source, the Sea of Galilee, has consistently low water levels.


When it comes to water, Israelis need to be creative. Most famously, a Polish-born Israeli engineer invented drip irrigation. This ingenious farming system targets specific plants, helping conserve water and increase production. Israel also recycles as much as 90% of its waste water! This means that the country’s limited resources are stretched further and help more people and businesses.


Additionally, in 2013, Israel opened Sorek, an enormous desalination plant on the Mediterranean’s shores. It’s the world’s largest reverse osmosis desalination plant, cheaply providing clean water to more than 20% of Israeli households. Click here to learn more about Sorek and take a 360˚ virtual tour.


More background: Iran is almost completely devoid of usable, natural water resources. There are high water stress levels in the country, with as much of 96% of the land struck by drought. Plus, Iran often suffers terrible heatwaves, with summer temperatures regularly soaring far above 40˚C. Water should never be a luxury, but in Iran, its scarcity under punishing conditions has made it one.


Netanyahu has offered to help the Iranian people deal with life under tyranny by sharing Israeli water technology with them. Watch the Prime Minister’s full statement below: