“Ambucycles” of Life

“Ambucycles” of Life


Driven by one goal – to save lives – one man and his army of volunteers have helped more than 2,000,000 people! Watch the video below to learn more about Eli Beer and the “ambucycles” of life:



To sum up…


Jerusalem-born Eli Beer saw a suicide bomb on the way home from school one day. As a terrified six year old, there was nothing he could do but run home with peoples’ cries for help ringing in his ears. He never forgot that day, and this inspired him to volunteer with a local ambulance service as a teenager.


He volunteered for two years, but never managed to save a life. Heavy traffic and a lack of ambulances meant that they were often late to the scene, and that people who could have been saved were dying. Eli knew that there must be a better way.


In 2006, he launched an idea that would save thousands: United Hatzalah was born. Instead of ambulance vans, United Hatzalah uses “ambucycles”: motorbikes equipped with advanced GPS and lifesaving equipment. The ambucycles have a three-minute response time and are manned by more than 3,500 volunteers! They also work with the IDF and national Search and Rescue units, and provide relief aid across the world. United Hatzalah also trains teams in countries across the globe, helping them reach more people, quicker.


Saving lives and preserving the sanctity of life are very important concepts in Israel. The ambucycles serve every sector of Israeli society, ensuring that all lives – Jewish, Arab, Druze, Christian, and everyone in between – can be saved. Their pioneering technology and commitment to saving lives mean that care is available to everyone who needs it. No emergency is too big or too small: the ambucycles answer every call for help. This amazing humanity shows the heart of Israel in action!