A Few Drops Of Water

Amazing Israeli Agriculture


In the 1930s, Israeli farmer Shlomo Blass discovered a few drops of water. Those little drops changed the face of farming in developing countries! Watch the video below to learn more about amazing Israeli agriculture:



To sum up…


Simcha Blass was a Polish-born engineer. One day, a farmer showed him a tree that had grown bigger than any others around it – seemingly without water! Simcha dug through the dry soil to understand what was going on. A leaky pipe nearby was dropping water onto the tree’s roots, helping it grow. He experimented with the idea, creating one of the world’s most popular farming methods: drip irrigation.


He worked with his son, and together, they created a product that used water pressure and friction to distribute water. It proved to increase production while using far less water. This was great for the farmers and the environment! When plastics became common, they refined their idea and opened Netafim. The company is a member of the UN Global Compact and has won awards for sustainable water management.


Blass’s innovative drip irrigation helps farmers across the world grow more with less. It’s especially beneficial in developing countries, as it allows farmers to grow crops in arid desert. Drip irrigation also helps poor countries grow more crops. This means impoverished communities can feed more people and creating more jobs, improving their economy. In time, these countries may even produce enough to export!


Israeli agriculture flourishes thanks to drip irrigation. The Middle East’s dry climate means that the country is never far from drought, and the Sea of Galilee’s water levels are often too low. Drip irrigation allows Israel to continue producing delicious produce for domestic use and international export.


Simcha Blass and Netafim are an incredible example of Israeli innovation changing the world!