Yad Sarah: Kindness Saves Economy Millions!

Introducing Yad Sarah


Yad Sarah is Israel’s biggest volunteer organisation, and its kindness helps thousands and saves millions! Watch the video below to learn more:



To sum up…


Yad Sarah is Israel’s biggest volunteer organisation. On top of its 150-strong paid staff, it also has more than 6,000 volunteers! It operates from more than 100 different facilities across the country, and helps more than 350,000 people every year.


Yad Sarah is best known for its equipment loans. The charity lends almost a quarter of a million pieces of medical and rehabilitative gear to people across Israel. Their equipment loans range from crutches and wheelchairs to hospital beds, physical therapy equipment, and self-testing machines. This helps sick, disabled, elderly, and recuperating patients to live at home. As a result of these services, the economy saves an estimated $320 million in hospital fees and long-term care costs every year!


The organisation offers a lot more than free equipment loans. Their other services include:

  • oxygen tanks
  • wheelchair and non-emergency transport
  • emergency medical alarms
  • services for home-bound patients
  • legal aid for elderly patients
  • geriatric dentistry
  • day centres
  • play centres for children with special needs


Yad Sarah and the World


According to an independent survey, Yad Sarah has helped one in two Israeli families. They serve Jews, Christians, Muslims, and Druze of every age, as well as helping tourists with disabilities have an easy trip to Israel.


As well as its incredible work in Israel, they charity also exports its considerable expertise to developing countries. It also established similar models for free equipment loans in other countries across the world. The organisation received the Israel Prize for its outstanding combinations to the State of Israel. It has also been awarded advisory status to the United Nations Economic and Social Council.


Additionally, the charity doesn’t receive any funding from the Israeli government. The entire organisation – and its international network – relies on donations to meet its $23 million operating budget.


How Can I Help?


As a non-governmental organisation, Yad Sarah relies heavily on fundraising. The Heart of Israel is proud to include Yad Sarah as part of our collective giving fund. Their amazing work helps thousands of people access medical care every year!


Click here to learn more about Yad Sarah and to create a bespoke donation.

Or, click here to donate to Yad Sarah and the Heart of Israel. Our collective initiative means that every penny we receive is divided between all the charities in the fund. This makes your donation go further and help more people than donating to a single charity ever could!