Yad LeYeled HaMeyuchad: Meet the Special in Uniform Recruits

Introducing Special in Uniform


Yad Leyeled Hameyuchad is an organisation that helps young Israelis with different physical and mental abilities integrate into society. The Special in Uniform program helps these amazing young people serve in the IDF. Watch the video below to find out more!



To sum up…


Yad Leyeled Hameyuchad (Lend a Hand to a Special Child) is a remarkable organisation helps young Israelis with special needs integrate into society. Special in Uniform is their groundbreaking initiative. It allows Israeli teens to draft to the IDF and serve their country alongside their peers.


Army service plays a huge role in Israeli culture and society. The life-changing experience links you with hundreds of others while you learn to defend the land you love. Unfortunately, it’s an experience that many teenagers with special needs were forced to miss out on – until now.


Special in Uniform helps hundreds of young people with special needs serve on more than 20 different army bases across the country. These determined soldiers have risen in rank and even received certificates of excellence! Their incredible achievements and hard work prove that everything is possible if you work hard to get there.


The Special in Uniform program does more than allow young people to serve in the IDF. It also helps prepare them for life after the army, integrates them into a wider society, and prepares them to join the workforce. Special in Uniform offers their soldiers a strong support network, and encourages them to push themselves further and harder than ever before.


How Can I Help?


As a non-governmental organisation, Yad LeYeled Hameyuchad relies heavily on fundraising. The Heart of Israel is proud to include it as part of our collective giving fund. Their amazing work educates immigrants and saves lives across the Ethiopian Jewish community every day.


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