Watch the Heart of Israel in Action: Wedding Day Saved!

The Heart of Israel Epitomised: Strangers Save a Wedding ♥️


When a young couple started their wedding, none of the guests showed up! One Facebook post later, and the heart of Israel – its amazing humanitarian spirit – saved the day. Watch the video below:



To sum up…


Annette and Lior Solomon planned their wedding. It was set to take place in Harmonia Bagan, a wedding hall near Gedera in central Israel. The bride had a sad couple of years: her mother died almost two years ago, and her father passed away just weeks before the wedding.


Many of the couple’s guests thought that due to Annette’s tragic news, the wedding would be cancelled. However, they decided that the wedding would go ahead despite the circumstances. So many guests didn’t show up that when the party started, there were just ten people in the hall!


One of the groom’s relatives, Rivka, felt heartbroken at the sight. She decided to put social media to the test. Rivka posted a public call for help, explaining the family’s situation and begging people to come and celebrate with the couple.


She wrote that there was no need to bring a gift or money; just come to the wedding and make a bride and groom happy. She hope that some people would see the message and come – but never expected what happened.


People started coming… and coming… and coming… until the once-empty hall filled with 2,000 people! Israelis from every walk of life piled into the venue to celebrate with the new couple. Many gave cheques as gifts to help them start their life together. The party – a room filled with strangers trying to make a bride and groom smile – went on until the early hours of the morning.


This amazing story really sums up the heart of Israel and shows Israelis at their best: kind, compassionate, and willing to do everything they can to help a brother and sister in need. What an incredible story!