IDF Helps After Central Mexico Earthquake September 2017

Israel Sends Aid After Central Mexico Earthquake


Israel sent international aid to Mexico after a huge earthquake rocked the capital. The IDF arrived to help local rescue teams after hundreds of people died. Watch the video below:



To sum up…


On 19th September 2017, an earthquake tore through Central Mexico. Its magnitude measure 7.1, and the ground shook for approximately 20 seconds. It caused enormous damage across the region: more than 40 buildings collapsed completely. Almost 400 people died. At least 6,000 others sustained injuries.


As soon as the news broke, Israel sent an IDF aid delegation to help. 71 IDF personnel made the journey – they travelled almost 15,000 kilometres to be there for people in need.


The Israeli team had two main tasks: search and rescue operations, and building surveillance. They examined 158 structures for signs of damage and assessed whether or not they were safe for use. The buildings included hospitals, schools, kindergartens, and government buildings, so ensuring their safety was crucial.


The Israeli search and rescue team helped save dozens of people from buildings and wreckage. The delegation also included engineers who assessed the damage to gas lines and power sources.


The Mexican people were very grateful for the Israeli soldiers and their aid. Survivors cheered for them as they arrived on the streets, and repeatedly thanked the delegates. In turn, the Israelis were humbled by the Mexicans’ strength, and praised their outstanding resilience. They were also bowled over by their warmth and gratitude.


This aid mission following the Central Mexico earthquake is part of Israel’s commitment to global aid. The State believes in the Jewish notion of tikkun olam – repairing the world. Their international efforts use Israel’s remarkable technological, medical, and engineering abilities to help countries and communities in the aftermath of disaster.


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