ReWalk: Israeli Tech Helping People Walk Again

Introducing ReWalk


Introducing a groundbreaking invention that gives paraplegics the chance to walk again. Designed in Yokneam, central Israel, by engineer Amit Goffer, ReWalk is a powered exoskeleton that allows disabled people to sit, stand, walk, turn, and even climb up stairs!



ReWalk’s exoskeleton (source:

The system is made up of two parts. The battery-powered legs connect to a computer in a backpack. Users operate the system with simple wrist movements; this connects to highly sophisticated motion detection software. This patented technology triggers movement in the motorised legs’ knees and hips, allowing the person to walk.


As well as custom-fit outfits for daily use by people with paraplegia, the company has also created a model especially for rehab. This second model offers users a new kind of physical therapy, and also lets them practice walking in a safe clinic environment.


How ReWalk is Changing Lives


An undeniably brilliant invention, these exoskeletons offer paraplegic patients a new lease on life. They no longer have to rely on full-time care and wheelchair use: this system gives people back their independence. Now, they can live an active and limitless life, even after trauma! This isn’t just another healthcare invention; ReWalk is changing people’s lives, every day.


Watch the video below to see how the exoskeleton system changed one woman’s life. Claire Lomus, a professional rider, was paralysed from the chest down when she was tossed from her horse. Five years after her injury – with ReWalk’s help and a lot of hard work – Claire completed the London Marathon! It took her 17 days, but she persisted and achieved something incredible. Watch her amazing story below:


The world knows Israel for its technology, entrepreneurship, and innovation – as well as the way it focuses on making life better for people. Its inventions are literally life changing! ReWalk is a wonderful example of Israel’s scientific contributions to the world. Keep your finger on the pulse for more amazing news from Israel.