Moti & Melabev

When Motti Zelikovitch left a long and accomplished career in the Israeli Ministry of Defense?? he searched for a way to continue serving his country and people. Soon after he became the CEO of Melabev, one of Israel’s and the worlds leading organizations in palliative care for end-stage Alzheimer’s patients. Last week we visited one of Melabev’s day-care centers? in Jerusalem and were BLOWN AWAY by the individual care that each patient receives. We walked into a music room, where volunteers of all ages, came to sing and dance with the patients, who unfortunately won’t even remember the experience soon after. A custom track is build for each one including entertainment, food and medical treatment and they are surrounded by caring staff at every moment. When we asked Motti how he feels at the end of each day, he says that usually when he leaves work around 12am, he goes home to think how he can build more centers and help more people suffering from Alzheimer’s. These guys get our 5-star rating

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